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Amethyst, February’s Birthstone


Amethyst is a perfect gemstone for people who are born in February. It is believed to be a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength. Amethyst can be found in purple, reddish purple, and violetish purple. Those with even color and no visible color zoning when viewed are highly valued.

Color is a significant factor affecting the value of an amethyst. The most demanded color for amethyst is a pure purple with a medium to deep tone. Sometimes there can be a secondary, reddish hue.

GemCloud Market classifies amethyst between 3 different shades of purple:

Reddish Purple: Amethyst with a reddish secondary hue.
Purple: Amethyst with a pure purple primary color and none or very weak reddish or bluish overtones. This is considered the finest color for amethysts.
Violetish Purple: Amethyst with a violet secondary hue.

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Our Special Selected of Amethyst


SKU: 1710-998706

3.25 cts, 9.25*9.24mm

$ 42


SKU: 1789-150940

3.59 cts, 9.54*8.04mm


SKU: 1740-532363

3.59 cts, 10.79*9.07mm

$ 46


SKU: 1722-756091

2.87 cts, 9.43*9.5mm



SKU: 1735-986852

4.49 cts, 13.27*9.52mm


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