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Birthstone & Anniversary Significance:
Tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for October and also commemorates the 8th wedding anniversary.

On the Moh’s scale, Tourmaline has a hardness rating of 7 to 7.5, indicating its durability.

Tourmaline is a diverse gemstone family with over 100 hues available. Its name, derived from the Sinhalese term ‘turmali’, translates to ‘mixed gemstones’, reflecting the tendency to confuse Tourmalines with other gems. Tourmaline was first introduced to Europeans in the late 1600s or early 1700s by Dutch traders. Our source for Tourmaline is Africa, renowned for producing some of the finest varieties.

Tourmaline crystals, especially in red, pink, and bi-colors, are often flawed or cracked. However, clean stones of 10 carats or more in these colors command a premium price. The green and blue colors are generally very clean. Vivid colors like Bubble Gum Pink in Tourmaline are enhanced and stabilized through heat or cobalt irradiation treatment.

  • Green Tourmaline: The most recognized of the Tourmaline colors, Green Tourmalines are typically eye-clean stones. Most are cut in rectangular shapes, with shades ranging from a pastel green to a deep, vibrant green.
  • Pink Tourmaline: Pink Tourmaline has become a favorite for mounting due to its wide range of shades, from pure light pink to intense “HOT” pink, orangey-pink, and fuchsia pink. Gemologists believe that natural irradiation produces the pink, red, and violet colors in Tourmaline. To achieve the very HOT pinks, a cobalt treatment is often used. The darker reddish colors tend to have more natural inclusions than other Tourmaline colors due to their formation near the center of the crystal pocket, where they experience more stress and pressure.

Care Instructions:
Tourmaline is a good jewelry stone, but it should be stored separately or in a jewelry bag to prevent scratching by harder gemstones. Jewelry featuring Tourmaline should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. We recommend warm, soapy water and a soft brush for cleaning Tourmaline.

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