GemCloud Market Top Gemstone Trends for Designers 2021

GemCloud Market Top Gemstone Trends for Designers 2021


Take an overview look at the best selling gemstones trends in 2021 before you start your next production. Among 30+ different types of gemstones, these are our five most popular selections for designers.

1.Ruby from Mozambique

Rubies from Mozambique have very high transparency and their color ranges from red to purplish and orangy red to pinkish red – their quality rivals that of Burmese origin and it is sometimes impossible to separate these two origins visually.


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2. Sapphire from Madagascar

Madagascar sapphires go from pastel blue to highly saturated vivid blue color, commonly referred as ‘royal blue’ by the trade. Madagascar is nowadays probably the most resourceful source of gemstones and home to the largest deposit of sapphires worldwide (Ilakaka).


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3. Emerald from Zambia

Zambian emeralds have a typical bluish overtone which is due to the presence of iron and commonly have a very high level of purity. Zambian emeralds were discovered in the 1920’s but commercial mining only started in 1976.


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4. Alexandrite from Russia

A fine alexandrite will appear a vivid blue-green in natural daylight and change to a soft red-brown in incandescent light. This unique characteristic and limited supply make this gemstone rare and become more desirable for bespoke jewelry. Russia is the historical producer of Alexandrite and also the source considered as the one producing the finest material with a dramatic color-change.


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5. Spinel from Tanzania

Well known for its pinkish-red color, spinel from Tanzania is considered the top of its kind. The supply is not enough for commercial jewelry manufacturers, so it is an opportunity for a bespoke jeweler to offer these unique pieces. With limited supply, it is a rare, yet affordable gemstone.


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